Praemio is an independent documentary channel focused on inspiring stories that move. 

PRAEMIO cinematically tells the stories of individuals who have taken Risks to achieve a Reward.


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PRAEMIO shares the untold stories of individuals who intrigue and inspire us.

Many times, we come across people who seem larger than life. Whether it be in their attitude, their hobby or even their profession, we admire them for who they are, how they’ve gotten there and where they’re headed.

PRAEMIO features those who aren’t afraid to chase their dreams, and turn them into a reality.


Gathering speed, we’re well on our way to our 10th episode. With nearly 200K views, we’re just getting started!

We will be building our brand on social media and looking for additional stories to film in the future, so if you know someone who you think deserves to have their story told on camera, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Since 2011, Valkyr Productions LLC, the production company behind PRAEMIO, has crafted hundreds of short-format documentaries for many different outlets. The overarching theme has always been the story paired with the highest production quality possible.

PRAEMIO is an outlet for stories utilizing techniques and aesthetics developed by VALKYR and filmmaker Jeremy Heslup. Jeremy has directed and created content for Mercedes-Benz, The Petersen Automotive Museum, Budweiser, Motul (La Carrera Panamericana) as well as over 50 films for the vintage automotive channel, Petrolicious.

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