Authentic real-life stories of risk and reward

5-15 minute documentary films featuring unique tales of commitment to a direction


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Praemio celebrates those who intrigue and inspire us

Everyone has a friend or family member who is larger than life
Whether it be in their attitude, hobby or profession, we admire them for the risks they’ve taken, rather than what they’ve accumulated for themselves

Reward is not a tangible thing rather, but the path you pave for others to follow


Original Films


We’re always on the lookout for story suggestions, so if you feel someone would be a great fit for our channel, drop us a line!

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📍Culver City, California

Discovering a burning passion to tell real-people’s stories, I created Praemio as a way to access and share real people and their unique identities with the world. I’m honored to have met some of the finest and most fascinating people around the world, and for them to believe in me enough to tell their story.

– Jeremy


Jeremy Heslup

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